Alex Butenko

Alex Butenko

Branding, Packaging

︎ Client: Karven
︎ Agency: Unified Brands
︎ Client Service & Strategy: Mike Robertson
︎ Creative Director: Tim Holmes, Ben Percival
︎ Design Director: Jamie Turnbull
︎ Creative Team: Jamie Turnbull, Emma Lawrence
︎ Illustration: Carlie McGarity

The Karven team originally approached Unified Brands to create brand identity and packaging design for their first-in-line product, craft gin.

Unified have put their focus on the refined treasures of the land - native Kiwi botanicals. These are unlike anywhere else in the world. Each specimen has its story to tell. A flavour to imbue. A profile to discover. A mystery to investigate.

I was part of the creative team that explored numerous botanical illustrations styles before we have arrived at pointillism, which not only captured the beautiful intricacies of the plants, but also reflected the passion and attention to detail of craft distillers. We have also moulded New Zealand motives into the brand mark itself and built on the botanical story to create a set of distinctive brand assets.

The final design is a beautifully intriguing temptation to explore distinctive origins.

I had a chance to work closely on the range extension of Karven Spiced Starka Vodka and Vermouth, rethinking brand architecture, redefining the illustration style and creating a more dramatic brand expression.