Alex Butenko

Alex Butenko

New Shoots
Creative Direction & Design

︎ Client: New Shoots
︎ Agency: Unified Brands
︎ Client Service & Strategy: Mike Robertson, Nicole McClure
︎ Design Direction: Melissa Doria
︎ Creative Team: Melissa Doria, Emma Lawrence, Alisha Kay, Ann Davenport, Chiara Ronchi, Sonja Fritz

New Shoots is a New Zealand nationwide early childcare community with purpose-built and designed centres. While their architecturally award-winning centres were getting recognised as best in class, the brand’s identity felt dated and no longer reflected their physical enviroments, or their vision for the future.

Our team at Unified Brands were approached to develop a new brand platform and refresh visual identity for the brand. The proposition 'Naturally Inspired to Thrive' was developed - speaking directly to the benefit of being part of an exciting and modern environment, while tapping into what families want for their child's development.

From here onwards, I have led our creative team to sketch and explore how to bring this proposition to life in a simple, inspiring and unique way. We’ve gone through dozens and dozens of sketches until we arrived at our aha moment, and at that point, we knew we have unlocked something special.

Our newly refreshed logo uses a modern, clean sans serif wordmark – crafted to feel both inspiring and approachable. Part of the new logo is an icon that resembles plants rising up from the ground. This icon, or as we call it - ‘Thriving Shoots’, represent the children and people that make up the New Shoots community, growing together side by side; nurtured, supported and inspired to naturally thrive.

The logo was complimented with a colour palette drawn from nature, together with a stylised geometric aesthetic flowing harmoniously throughout all iconography and illustrated assets.

The result is a warm and engaging new identity, which truly reflects New Shoots brand values. It’s a change which has been embraced by the business and its community, and has been rolled out nationally across the centres.